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Naruto scanlated hours after release, Bleach will probably be up within minutes.

Yet sundome, which is 100% win, especially if you have looked at the moonrunes for volume 3 and 4, goes untranslated for months and months and we are forced to wait for a kind anon to scan the official english releases.

Last episode of mnemosyne has been out for half a month and isn't subbed yet, I mean cmon, ITS THE LAST EPISODE.

If everyone is so sick of shitty endless shounen manga, shitty endless shounen anime, terrible fanservice shit fests, STOP FUCKING SUBBING AND TRANSLATING IT. Studios don't just look at ratings and dvd sales, they sure as fuck check how popular something is with fansubbers and scanlators.

pic is sundome, anyone who says cocktease has not looked at volumes 3 or 4.