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/a/! This a humble request to all the role-playing tripfags and the GET faggots. Please leave /a/, you are slowly ruining this board and makeing it an unenjoyable place for the majority of /a/nonymous.
If you wish to persue in these ridiculous activities could you kindly do it else where. There are plenty of other forums dedicated to your kind.
If you truely cannot leave, then please refrain from posting. I'm sorry to break this news to you but, Kallen, the Most Loyal Servant of Gino !RXC4JNVCJo you are not Kallen from Code Geass, you are simply an annoying basement dweller. The same also applies to you Gino Weinberg !Upy4wcs9SI. I do not want to come to /a/ and have to put up with your faggotry.
This is a board for anime and manga. When did you decide this board was a place for you to come and talk about impregnating each other, and how good your imaginary cooking skills are?
Can you not see that you are the cancer? I only wish the mods would see it the same way as i do and ban you, instead they are contributing to the problem by posting mod Gino GET threads.
Each week a new tripfag emerges, claiming a 2d fictional character he did not create to be his own, then they horribly impersonate it, ruining that character for everyone else. I used to like Gino, but now i cant stand to even look at him.
I know /a/ was never good, but it was also never this bad. Please, let us return to what we once were, the sad, angry, ronry virgins who collectivly watched and discussed anime and manga.
In b4 sagebomb, gino hijack, grammar nazi and other unrelated things.
Picture related....if only.