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Strike Witches is just an another shitty pedo moeblob fanservice crap with a gimmick.

It's all the same shit that you saw the last few seasons. Borderline lesbianism? Yeah, I fucking saw that one before. Breast grabbing and groping and other related shit? If I wanted to see that, I'd just look at some doujin or something. Gratuitous 24/7 panty flashes? Yeah, well, apparently, that wasn't enough, so they decided to give them NO PANTS AT ALL. Combine that with other ridiculous shit that makes absolutely no sense at all and you have this piece of shit.

Face it, it's nothing out of the ordinary. What makes me rage so much isn't just the show's existence, no. It's you dumb faggots. Dumb faggots like you whose seen the same shit millions of times, and yet claim this as the "BEST ANIME OF THIS SEASON AND EVEN THE CENTURY." You're the reason all of us have to suffer through these poor-quality shit.

You cannot prove this statement wrong, and I already proved myself right.