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Macross F Episode 15

-Grace just as planned to awaken/summon the Vajra. Has lots of Clone/replacement bodies. A little crazy with tons of separate voices.

-Island 15 got raeped, tons dead, tons of VFs in formation. Ranka in the hospital with Brera and Alto, in oldschool patient putfit, tons of Ranka bum and promotions confirmed.

-HAlf the episode is a music video recap with a Grace info dump added and lots of commentary. Also, gratuitous Sheryl and Ranka fanservice. Lots.

-Sheryl's blood is stolen and covered up thanks to Grace, Sheryl is part/the result of the "Fairy Project". Sheryl an android, clone, or some other fucked up fake Human confirmed. No one must know.

-Klan is hyper moe over Michel in hospital. He gets, well, force-fed. The blood is dropped, Sheryl is jealous of Ranka. A pimpin' Lancia Delta with the squadron logo, but Ranka cockblocks Sheryl and goes along with them/Alto. Things are looking suck for Sheryl fans all over the place...but this IS MAcross.

-Ranka and Sheryl FINALLY come to terms and have a sort of typical Macross Dance ogg/Sing off/Idol off. Its awesome. Song battle, possible threesome end confirmed. And then Sheryl loses when she faints and collapses. Something's wrong, poor Sheryl's circuits or whatever are malfunctioning. Isn't it sad.

-Men in Black come for Ranka, sibling reunion, 'Prince' Brera, 'Little Queen' Ranka, and then crazy mindraep commences. Alto's in the Matrix, awesome train set, a miniature Zentran city, and it ends on Ranka singing "Diamond Crevasse".