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Five people walk into a room.

One is a physically fit teenage male wearing a Naruto shirt, Naruto gloves, and four Naruto headbands (One on his forehead, two around his wrists like bracelets, one hanging around his neck).
One is an underweight adult male in a Gurren Lagann shirt with long, greasy hair held back in a ponytail. He has mild adult acne and smells somewhat of pot and beer.
One is a severely overweight man with a buzz cut. He smells strongly of body oder and is wearing a shirt with a random anime loli on it.
One is a hot teenage girl in a shirt with a poorly drawn anime-style original character. She made it herself with cheap iron-on paper. Her shoes are painted with Inuyasha fanart, and she has Fruits Basket characters drawn on her jeans. She is wearing also wearing Di Gi Charat hat.
One is a black man.

Which one do you instantly hate the most?