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Suzakufags, I'm calling you out.

Suzaku has no reason to doubt the official story that Shirley killed herself. After all, how could Lelouch have killed her? What would the motive have been? Let's face it, Suzaku isn't a bright guy.

He's athletic and he is a good pilot, but the guy has no common sense. So at this point, Suzaku is just blaming bad events on Lelouch. We saw a glimpse of this earlier in R2 when he blamed Nina's state of mind on Zero.

Suzaku: Hypocrite. In Season One he was all "results are meaningless if they are achieved through bad means" and now he's saying "I can't let my means hold me back". So can he justify this all with Euphie? Darth Jesus has lost his Jesus side.

Sorry kids, but Jesus doesn't use narcotics on POWs to torture them for information (and yes, drugging detainees with mind-altering substances that cause delusions is against Geneva and considered torture)

That aside, it's obvious we're NOT supposed to like Suzaku at this point in the series. He sold out the main character (see: "LELOUCH of the rebellion", not "Suzaku of the Reformation") and he has been an antagonist since the beginning of the show.

We're supposed to feel sorry for him because of Euphie's death and regard him as LAWFUL NEUTRAL, but that's about it. At this point he has completely sold out his Season One moral system and is literally the moral equivalent of the 'terrorists' and 'criminals' he crusades against.