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suzaku and lelouch kisssed each other on the lips and then stared at gino. he was alone and was on the ground and sad over his wife's death. suzaku took him in the arms and kissed him smoothly over the lips as well. the three of them lay on the ground of the chapel and kissed passiontely and had a very good time with everyone watching

they loved each other. they were three best friends and they would never let go of each other again. they didnt know it but they were all gay (lol means homosexual) and they were going to be together forever

they kissed and kissed with rivalz in the background crying and happiness. all three of them got married and they got an apartment together in Zeroland the place where lelouch was king of.

suzaku become an ace mecha pilot with gino and they were partners and had lots of fun together with lelouch as the plotter

but then