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It's said that a real Death Note could be made, as in the Death Note from the anime series, but please read before commenting!

I have almost no experience with Magick, as in, real Magick aka witchcraft whatever you'd like to call it.

>Important: Anyway, this website shows how to make a >"real Death Note", but really, it has has absolutely nothing >to do with the Death Note in the series, plus the effects are >different, and the person is not guaranteed to die, it says >they will suffer

Now the instructions aren't very silly, saying stuff like "step 1: write death note on the cover", "step 2: write the death note rules from the anime etc".

You have to copy some symbols from "Enochian Magic"

Well just check it out... here is the link:

I'm not trolling, just looking for people who have practiced Magick and have experience with this and could tell me if it's real or if the symbols are fake etc

BW, yes, Magick as in witchcraft or whatever you call it IS real, don't believe me? Fine, I'm not here to argue or convince anyone, just want some answers.