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Mudo walked around the outside of the school building.

"Why haven't I touched her yet?" he thought to himself. "I bet she feels nice."

Just then he saw the object of his thoughts, the thing known as Potemayo sleeping in the sunshine under a tree. She wasn't wearing the bottom part of her clothes, whatever it is. Then he saw it billowing on a clothes line, drying in the sunlight.

"She must have wet herself again" he thought. For some reason, this made him feel a little aroused. "Now's my chance."

Mudo walked up to where it was laying and reached his hand downwards. She made pleasing sounds in her sleep. His hand came into contact with her rotund body.

"At last" he thought. Potemayo felt soft and warm to the touch, like a warm bag of oatmeal. Mudo then proceeded to pick her up. He squeezed her quite gently. She stirred slightly. "Suny-ao" she murmured in her half awake state.

A devilish thought came into Mudo's mind.

He held her tightly and ran into the school building towards the bathrooms. Checking that no one had seen him, he went inside. The room was empty.

Mudo entered one of the stalls and locked the door. Potemayo was awake by now. "Honi honi" she cooed looking up at him with her large round eyes from the toilet seat where he had placed her.

Slowly, Mudo began to undo his trousers and pull them down. When they had been removed he quickly grabbed Potemayo by her stubby arms and sat on the waiting seat.

Not expecting this, Potemayo started snarling angrily at him.

"SHAAAAAAAAAAAA" she growled, attempting to intimidate him.

Seeing that this had no effect on her captor, Potemayo's anger turned to fear at what was going to happen. This only made Mudo more aroused.

"Aaaah" he cried as he ran her up and down, alternating between smooth and rough movements.