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Alright /a/.

I don't get the appeal of tsundere. I just don't. I don't see what about mood-swingy bitches is attractive. Having sweetness is nice, I guess. But when you never know what you're going to get, and something bad has to happen in order for you to feel appreciated, it's really...annoying.

Whenever a girl like Shana or Louise or even a Naru thinks "I love him, but I can't say that" I wonder "Why the fuck not? 'Cause you're a bitch?" Seriously.

Can /a/ give their opinions on this? Why do you like tsundere? Why don't you?

For me, I'll always take the aggressive and forward chick EVERY time. The Kirche or Siesta, the Kitsune, the original Ryoumo. I don't want the girl who hits me with a riding crop, then snuggles sweetly with me (which the tsundere girl in shows never does anyways), I want the eye-patch girl who'll walk up to me, grab my crotch and say "I'm gonna ride you so hard your dick'll be fucked raw, and you don't have a choice" Is that so bad?

Hot or not, tsundere bitches aren't worth the effort.