AMV Blitz

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In the beginning there were AMVs, sporadically and chaotically strewn across the internets, some were good, some were not so good and some were just plain stupid.
In 2004 a community rose up with a mission to make order of this chaos, to embark on a project to create, arrange and showcase the very best AMV clips the world had ever seen. The name of this project, "the work which will become a new genre itself" was called AMV Hell (and if you do not recognise that name stop what you are doing immediately and look at this thread). Over three years the AMV Hell community produced 6 complilation videos, between them containing over 700 individual clips. Each are so brilliant they make for compulsive viewing for anyone with so much as even a fragment of anime-fan, internet-geek, video game-nerd or film-buff about their persona.

In the final days of September 2007 the AMV Hell franchise was brought to an end, but it did not leave without potential successors to its AMV empire. Its community split itself in two, AMV Hell bore two children. The works which came to be known as Anime Remix and AMV Blitz.
Both projects are determined to continue the legacy of AMV Hell and both are in bitter rivalry with one another. Both are competing to produce the funnier, cleverer and more epic AMV clips, to become the more worthy heir to AMV Hell and the new king of anime music videos.
One has already released their first compilation, Anime Remix's Mix 1.
Go and watch it, and see what you think.

tl;dr, Two new AMV projects have emerged to replace AMV Hell:

Anime Remix

AMV Blitz

Sooo....where the fuck is my AMV Blitz? The 14th has come and gone.

also, this was copypasta, delicious copypasta.