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Turn 15- The World Of C「C の 世界」 , July 20th
In the middle of the battle with V.V., Lelouch is transferred to the mysterious World of C of the mystery. He has to fight with the enemy who has powers beyond all knowledge. When Lelouch is in a desperate situation, the one who shows up before him is...

Turn 16- Union of Nations, Resolution No.1 「超合集国決議第壱號」 , July 27th
The plan for founding a union of nations to stand against Britannia is realized by uniting 47 countries together, centered on the United States of Japan and the United States of China. As a result, the world is divided into two: Britannia and the Union of Nations. The world situation comes to a new phase.

Turn 17- The Taste of Soil 「土 の 味」 , August 3rd
In Area 11, the battle between the Black Knights and the strongest force of Britannia army is about to begin. At this time, to accomplish a certain purpose, Lelouch heads toward the Kururugi Shrine, where Suzaku awaits alone. Holds all kinds of thoughts in their confrontation, what is the destiny waiting for them?