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I truly think Soul Eater is the greatest anime that's going to come out this year, and probably next year too.

The style is way different than most anime, which I actually kinda like.

The story - while very shounen (HURRR GET x of this and y of this AND POWERGET) - is still entertaining! (Unlike Naruto if that means anything)

The OST is awesome.

The characters are unique, funny, and a nice change of pace from the slice of life or code geass characters you all seem to love, I mean - a kid with a symmetry fetish - win.

And honestly, anime doesn't make me laugh - at ALL. Maybe a smirk or a snicker here and there, but Soul Eater is the first anime to actually make me laugh out loud.

I honestly love this show. In b4 shit eater, but sorry, I'm just sick of seeing 3/4's of /a/ filled with fucking Geass threads.