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Seto walked into his room, blood rushing down his wrist. “What’s the point anymore?” he asked himself. His company was bought out by another a year ago. He was fired from his position a month ago, and now his temporary job at McDonald’s was over. He had been cutting ever since KaibaCorp was bought out. He turned on the lights, and saw what looked like Tea in the sexiest outfit he’s ever seen.

“What are you doing here? I’m a failure. You have no reason to be here with a guy like me,” Seto said, cutting once again.

Tea replied, “It doesn’t matter. You’re one sexy beast.” She went up to Kaiba and rubbed up on him. She then went to his wrist, licking up all the blood. “Ooh, suck that out of my cut, it turns me on,” replied Kaiba. As more blood went out of his wrist, blood went to another part of his body.

Seto tore off his clothes in a rush. This was going to be the best night in a while now. Tea was not fast, however. “Just sit right there. I’ll do a little show for you.” She first slowly took off her mini-skirt, revealing her lacy pink panties. She went up to Kaiba and shook it. “Spank it, please,” Tea said. Kaiba gladly obeyed, and Tea groaned with pleasure. “You’re strong.” She continued by taking off her blouse to reveal her bra. “Squeeze if you like.” Again, Seto obeyed, giving them both pleasure. She went back and put her hand in her bra, massaging it herself. Then, she did something Kaiba did not expect. She took tissues out of her bra. Then going to the panties, went right in front of Kaiba. She slowly removed the panties, and Kaiba gasped. Surprisingly, there was a penis directly towards his mouth.