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In before rage

I just finished Evangelion, and there are many wtf??s to be had. I've seen a lot of clips and amvs and pics from it, and didnt get any of it, like everyone exploding into tang, etc. I presume thats from the movies. And I see why many people were unsatisfied with the series' ending, because it was just nothingness and philosophical ranting.
I liked the beginning half though, up through the 20-somethingth episode, when it was just like a school life story with a lot of character interaction. And I liked Shinji's character at this time too, when he was just meek and unassertive and not so self-loathing. Are there any other series that are like that, that have action and suspense and are character driven?

tldr: First half 9/10 Second half 6/10