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Alright /a/, I'm still catching up on recent shows.

Anything that's about a year old or so would be appreciated.

I went ahead and finished Tale of Memories while I was waiting for Kurenai to download. Overall I wasn't too crazy about it. There wasn't much of a plot and a lot of the character development felt forced, like the eccentric girl gets 2 minutes of backstory and she suddenly flips out.

I'm up to episode 4 on Kurenai and I'm pretty much forcing myself to watch it at this point. I find the loli obnoxious and the I don't like the protagonist much more. Not so much because he has no spine but because he has no personality. And does the story ever go anywhere? Nothing has happened since episode 1 except some shenanigans between the above two characters whom I do not care for.

Baccano! on the other hand is a fairly solid show and it's proven itself entertaining thus far (I am 5 episodes in).

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Code Geass

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~ef a tale of memories~

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Planning on downloading Soul Eater next. What else should I know about /a/? From around summer 07 to the present.