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After much thinking I think I figured out what Code Geass is all about. Looking at the new opening, its obvious that the shows gonna end in outer space. So here's my theory:

According to the Code Geass timeline, their world differed from ours when Celtic guy amassed an army strong enough to repel Julius Ceasar's invasion. You can think of this as the point where Geass was introduced to humanity (from alien origins) and thus began the Brittannian Empire.
This also means that Lelouch is a direct descendent of the origins of Geass.

Now how does Geass work? Genetics! That's why its CODE Geass. Somehow, the abilitiy of Geass can change a persons genetic structure, thus giving them some kind of power. Also could explain why C.C. and V.V. are immortal, and also why their powers are able to be experimented on.

And obviously, The Emperor and V.V. are always talking about destroying Gods. This could be their way of saying that they everything that has been going on has been for the goal of fighting some alien race. Originally C.C. and V.V.'s predecessors came to earth to introduce Geass and spur human conflict to make Earth strong enough to fight this opressive alien force.

Something like that...