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Hey /a/ I was wondering if you guys could help find this manga I read waay back when I was a freshman in HS. I can't find a picture since I have no clue of the name so I'll just summarize what the first couple chapters were about. It was about a girl who lived with her single father (their mother died earlier) and she had some sort of super power, I totally forget what said power was but this organization is trying to take or replicate her powers. At first she doesn't know she has powers but then all of a sudden they manifest and this organization comes after her with this guy (the son of the head scientist in the organization or something) that they turned into some kind of biosoldier-monster thing. The head scientist guy is all sad that they turned his son into a monster.

Also her father knew about the org. and the powers but he didn't tell her because her mother had the same powers and she died because of them so he decided to keep it a secret. All I remember is that one of the chapters ended with an awesome double page spread of the girl going to this mountain where the leaders of the organization were and the leaders of the org. also control the world secretly, like the Illuminati. Also the father and daughter live deep in the woods. The father also dies at some point.

Any help /a/? Pic unrelated, I read this manga and Akira in my local library way back when.