A career in anime... advice needed

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Hey everyone, in all seriousness I need some advice pertaining to my future. I've just hit that wall of "I've been in college a year and I no longer give a dam about what I planned on being last year..." It recently crossed my mind why not find a career in anime production? At first when I was looking into broadcasting and all that stuff I considered doing voice acting but discovered that stuff isn't a stable job and you need lots of drama and regular acting in your past. So I've turned to what everyone tells me I'm great at but never really considered doing much with. Writing.

I'm supposedly a pretty epic writer in the fact I can make a darn good 2 pages worth of a very elaborate intelligent essay material in under an hour. (This being just one example of my prowess) Along with that in the next year I'm planning on pushing hard with my personal goal of extensively learning the Japanese language. So now I'm trying to piece the two together. What sorts of jobs are there for writers (in the US) in the anime field? I imagine stuff related to translation and writing of the script for subbing or dubs but I'm not sure of all the jobs someone with a writing degree can do. I'm still a ways off being that Im only about to enter my Sophomore year but I do want an idea at least of what the heck I can do with my future. Any thoughts my fellow weeaboos?

Pic related: it's me at Anime Expo