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Otakukin: It's like "Otherkin". "Otherkin" are people who believe they are reincarnations non-humans. Otakukin are people who believe they were an anime/manga character in their past life. According to Otakukin, anime/manga characters are people from a different dimension/life .The mangaka doesn't make them up! Manga/anime characters sends signals to to mangaka's head and thus a manga is born with a character the Otakukin was in his or her past life. These Otakukin also believe they were the lover of an anime/game character and stuff like that. Here is an example: .This girl believes Sephiroth is her lover irl and she writes pages full about him and their feelings for eachother. What is /a/'s opinion about this? Are they just fucking with us? Do they REALLY REALLY think they were some anime character? Or do they WANT to believe that? I know it's old news, but I tought some people on /a/ would like to know about it. Not English, sorry for mistakes.