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A few months ago, I was at an all-time low and was seriously contemplating suicide, but I've been working on changing myself bit by bit. I'm clearing up my acne, I'm working out, and I've been going to the beach more often to attempt to tan my ungodly white skin. I normally wear baggy clothes that cover 99% of my body even when it's over 100 degrees outside because I'm embarrassed of how hideous I am, but lately I've been spending my money better clothes that look nice on me instead of jackets that make me look like a homeless stoner from the good will.

Now that I'm feeling better about who I am on the "outside," I'm trying to change my "inside." I don't wear cosplay accessories or anime T-shirts out in public anymore, I stepped down from my position as the president of my school's anime club, I took down all my anime posters (except for the ones my mom gave me as birthday presents), I put all my figures and merchandise in a box in the attic, and I sold most of my anime DVDs to Gamestop except for a few that I re-watch over and over again (and ones that were birthday presents). I had a problem getting rid of my manga, though. In the anime club I mentioned earlier, you needed to write your name on all of the books you brought in to share. Because they were all marked up I couldn't give them to the library or a used book store, so I dug a hole in my backyard, ripped my 200+ comics to shreds, and set them on fire.

Did I do the right thing, /a/?