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I can't just sit buy and not address this anymore. As a fan of the show, and a possessor of commonsense, I have deduced something:

Nunnally would have to wear diapers. For many I bet this would increase her loli factor, but let's go over why, exactly.

Nunnally went through severe nerve damage, that is the only injury sustainable that would prevent her from walking. She has NO muscle ability below the legs, so it's safe to say she was hit somewhere in the tailbone/lower back area.

That sort of injury invariably leads to incontinence. Since medical technology doesn't seem that more advanced in Code Geass, I'm sure there is nothing then can do about her incontinence, since if they could stimulate her nerves, she would be walking already.

Fact: Nunnally is most likely incontinent, and has to wear diapers.

I either just ruined the character for you, or made her about 1000 times more appealing. You're welcome.