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Raoh and his younger brother Toki were robbed of their parents at an early age. They decided to focus on training in martial arts in hopes of becoming the "strongest brothers". One day while Raoh and Toki were talking in a cave they stored their training equipment, Ryuuken of the Hokuto Shinken school approached them. Ryuuken informed them he would only take one brother to train as a successor. As a test, Ryuuken traps both boys on the bottom of a ravine and says he will take the first boy who makes it up the cliff. Toki is injured in the fall and unable to climb. Raoh defies the odds and hauls Toki up the cliff with his other hand, yelling he will only go if Ryuuken takes them both. Ryuuken catches them both as they pass out from the exhausting climb, thinking that Raoh will surpass his wildest imaginations.
Raoh completely devoted himself to the perfection of his fighting technique. He spared his younger brother no quarter in sparring, and later claimed he would never cry again, for tears were useless. Instead they should be transformed into ambition and strength. He also told Toki to stop him in the future if his power would ever run amuck.