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[Minori-Osu!] Zero no Tsukaima - Princess no Rondo - 02 (h264 1024x576) [8616D5F8].mkv

well, after 24 hours of bullshit delay, ur fix is here. after some hurring and durring, we decided to WAIT for a better raw. But as you see, NOONE WAS FUCKED TO SHARE A BETTER RAW. so after more hurring and durring, we went with the best of the two (other one was liek, z0mg, sum1 decimaet wrong11111 — fucking AIDS). the video quality is not great (horrible banding, thx to the capper-san). oh n also, there’s some GAY BLOCKING at around 21m12s (MANY ARIGATOUS, CAPPER-SAN, WE REALLY COULDN’T DO SHIT ABOUT THAT), also, audio is vorbis cause we tried different formats, and vorbis won the gaem, mp4 is still aac for compatibility.

tl;dr we tried our best, it won’t be the best thing you’ll see …we might have a v2 release on this one, idunno </FUCKRAGE>