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So I've watched and rewatched CB over 10 times, but I realized something, I never physically had the series. I only saw it on [as]. So last week I got off my ass and downloaded the remastered dual audio DVD version.

After marathoning it, I realized a lot of things. The anime is 10 years old and has aged pretty damn well. Plus, the remastered version has a lot of little additions I picked up and things I didn't notice before(the first bounty's GF having a spanish accent for example).

Also, I got a chance to hear the jap track with subs. As a growing sub fag, I have to admit, the jap language and VAs took away from the series. Whoever localized CB went the extra mile in re-working the dialog.

All in all, CB is not my favorite anime, but I respect it for doing almost everything perfectly. I don't doubt COHERENT people when the consider CB a masterpiece. The ending still gets to me to this day ;_;