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Here some information for NARUTO LOVERZZ!!!!


Nen is much more structered and thought out than Chakra. Though Chakra has diffeerent types, Nen types also determine personality. i.e., Reinforcement Nen = Simple-minded.
If Chakra does that as well, then it seems suspicious but Chakra is fairly original, and so is Nen. They have thier similairities though.

Similaritites between HxH and Naruto altogether are...

* A character whose whole clan was murdered and they are now seeking their revenge. (Kurapica and Sasuke)

* A character who has special eyes. (Kurapica and Sasuke

* The Chuunin Exams and Hunter Exams are similar in two points. 1. The Hunter Survival test with the tags and well, HAVING to STAY ALIVE and the Forest of Fear or whatever it was called with the scrolls and having to survive.
2. The fighting as one of the final tests. This happens in alot of shounen series, so I don't think it;s a real similarity.

* Main character has never met their parents. (Gon and Naruto) but soon they might meet their father..

* A main character who hates his evil big brother. (Killua and Sasuke)

* A main character who almost always changes people in some way when they meet them. (Naruto and Gon)

* The Akatsuki and Ryodan are sorta similar.

* Last, Killua's electrical attack is SLIGHTLY like Sasuke's Chidori.

* look at haku and irumi zaoldyeck they're look same and look at their weapon

That's all I can spot, sorry.
They seem similar, suspiciously similar in a couple aspects, but I think they're both original enough. rb_special05.gif