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Well nigga, listen, Griffissu seems certainly moe, he likes Guts you know, I mean it may be a kinda love if you know what I'm sayin', wait wait, I don't tell you he's gay, no that motherfucker is not a faggot cause he raped Guts's bitch in his presence you know, that monster put his monster cock in that hoe, he banged her, he bite her motherfucking nips, he came in that whore. This bitch became pregnant, you know, that bitch'll deliver a motherfucking devil.
Griffissu killed all his fucking army just to win a motherfucking batman cosplay, bro, that guy has no limits. So, next time, I don't wanna hear your whore mouth telling me that Griffissu is moe.
So, moe or not?