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"...WHAT?!" You wake up in a cold sweat. "Why did I...a bad dream? No, I can't remember anything." Carefully you get up off the bed and sneak over to the kitchen area. Drawing a glass of water, you gulp it down and calm your nerves. Staring at the wall, you hear a creak and some steps. Before you can look back, your waifu jumps over and lands on your back. "What's wrong? Have a nightmare?" "No..." you reply, "No, I guess I just must have breathed wrong." "Or maybe you're just anxious. You know that the boss loved your work. He says the firm is going to be set if it takes off." "Yeah...I guess you're right."

Thinking back on it, you've come a ways. "Definitely. I used to be nothing more than a hikki, but after all this time, I think I've found my place in the world, and I've got everything I want right now. This apartment, this view, this job, and I've got you." She gives you that smile you fell in love with and presses her flat chest against your back. you can feel the beat of her heart and the caress of her collar bones and rib cage. "That's right. You've got me...whenever you want me," she says as she wraps her leg around yours.