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- CC is the mother of VV, whose father is JJ, an advanced alien from Jupiter, who are in fact the ‘gods’ that the Emperor wishes to destroy.

- Shirley is alive because her innate Geass of immortality is activated when Lelouch ordered her to ‘live’. However, the sudden impact of having Geass puts her into stasis for 400 years.

- The Empress was staging a rebellion against the Emperor under information given by CC, but it was discovered by Schneizel and VV, gay lovers who vow to support the Emperor, but Schneizel is in fact waiting for the right chance to overthrow him.

- Nunnally is the sister of VV and the mastermind behind the forces arrayed against the Emperor. After finding out that Schneizel ordered a hit on Marianne, Nunnally using her dual Geass gives Cornelia the Geass power of ‘illusion’, which provokes Lelouch to rebel against the Emperor as well as allow Marianne to escape using her own Geass of ‘immaterialization’. As a bonus, Nunnally was ‘disabled’ which further angered Lelouch.

- Jeramiah is in fact loyal; his evil clone Jericho is the one who wounded Sayako and ‘killed’ Shirley. Jericho is evil and loyal to VV. Rollo was about to shoot Shirley when Jericho used his Geass Canceller Canceller to completely shut down Rollo’s Geass, who ran away.

- Jericho’s clone, Jesus, is an extension of Code R(esurrection), a secret Britannian project to harness the power of the gods (AKA, aliens) and use it against them. Jesus, however, only fights for himself, having been corrupted by JJ long before his activation. Jesus will use the Geass Canceller Canceller Canceller to fight his two ‘brothers’.

- After Zero’s eventual takeover of the Britannian Empire, the Emperor reveals an ancient ‘Solar Furnace’, which is powerful enough to lift the entire Temple into space. The Black Knights, finding further Solar Furnaces in the ruins beneath the Temple, install them onto their mothership and Guren Mk.3.