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dearest /a/

I've been an "hardcore" anime fan since I was 12 years. I am 24 now, so my newfag phase came and went before Toonami came along and made this media more mainstream, thus creating the current infestation of cancerous newfaggotry that treat anime fandom that most oldfags like me find repulsive and humiliating. Anyway, in my 12 years of being an anime fan I have not once had a friend that was a serious fan of anime. Most of them where oblivious or indifferent to the whole thing, while others tended to be just casual fans that watch it on TV. I have never been to a con and have only had contact with other fans via the internets, so I was wondering if I'm missing anything by not becoming more involved with the more "hardcore" anime community. Am I missing anything worthwhile or is the current scene infested with so much newfag cancer and general weeaboos that looking for the non-weeaboo fans not worth it my time and effort

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