Taking reccomendations

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A couple days ago I asked about what's aired within the past year or that's worth my time.

Originally the only thing I'd been watching was Geass and Kaiba.

I finished Kaiji. Great anime. I mean, the ending felt a drop kick to my nuts. That said, it felt like a realistic outcome. That's what I liked about Kaiji. I was never sure until right down to the end what would happen to him or any of the other characters. And instead of moping and getting depressed I felt just as determined as Kaiji for getting revenge.

Anyway, I also watched the first 5 episodes of Tale of Memories. I hear it gets good in a few episodes, but I've never really cared for this type of anime. The pacing is too slow and the drama feels forced. Oh, and GIRLS DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT. FUCK. That annoys me the most. I think I'll go ahead and drop it since it's boring me more than entertaining me.

tl;dr Kaiji was good, Tale of Memories :\

Anything else within the past year or so? Or if it's about to get a second season and is worth watching, let me know so I can download.

I'm download Kurenai right now, and am considering the following as well:

Himitsu: The Revalation
xxxHolic (need to watch 1st season)

Feedback on those would be fine since I may change my priorities around.