Message from a guy trying to sell bootlegs

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'Well albeit they are considered just bootlegs (which I recently just learned thats what they are considered, I just thought they were cheaper foreign versions), they are still useful. Why spend $80+ dollars for a whole series, when you can get these imports for around $20? I mean seriously, I go to the mall and see discs of 3 episodes selling for $29.99, thats ridiculous. I will take rare spelling errors in subtitles over spending heaps of more cash just so its the "official" release. I am not trying to trick anyone, I really did buy all of these online for myself, and I did spend a little over $1000 total. And did you see how many series/movies I got for that $1000? I got 35ish series, almost 20 movies, for that much, which if I got the actual US releases, I would have gotten like half that amount, because anime releases in this country are FAR overpriced. -Once again, I am not trying to fool or trick anyone, I am just trying to raise a little college money by selling these, and at the moment I have 2 people asking me about it, so hey, if they buy it, good for them, they just saved a LOT of money and are getting far more bang for their buck then if they bought US released. Because really, who cares about the cases, volumes, etc, the important thing is the actual anime. '

It makes me want to punch babies