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Since Lelouch doesn't have a contact in his right eye and hasn't used his Geass on Rolo yet, Rolo is going to be victim of his next accidental Geass. It will happen after Lelouch has suffered some sort of loss and is trying to think about what to do next. Then Rolo interrupts him.

Rolo: Nii-san! Listen to me Nii-san!

Lelouch: Rolo...I AM NOT YOUR NII-SAN!!

<Accidental Geass activates>

Rolo then drops his locket, which contains a picture of Lelouch.

Rolo:'re my only Nii-san...the only one I've ever had...

Then Lelouch will proceed to go into his little monologue consisting of him questioning how this happened and then answering it himself instantly. If he can figure shit like this so quickly when it happens why doesn't he take measure to prevent it? Plotholes. Also, lol@sunrise for the SHOULD HAVE WORN TWO CONTACTS PLOT TWEEST!