Just finished FMP - Second Raid

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So I have a question /a/....

I recently decided to sit down and watch Full Metal Panic Second Raid - inb4Slowpoke.jpeg

I liked it alot, I know its not the most hardcore or enthralling of anime but the series has always been a favorite of mine. Now my question could probably be answered by reading the FMP novels that are out. I currently poses the first one, but cant seem to get into it. After watching Second Raid though I think i'm going to give it another go.

So my question is this - Who is Wraith? Did they ever tell you who Wraith is in the novels? I just remember hearing somewhere that Second Raid picks up where the novels left off. So the whole time watching Second Raid i'm thinking "Ok they have to reveal who Wraith's identity is", but then BAM, nothing.

So I ask you /a/ - Who is Wraith?