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From within the ruins of what was once an appartment building, CC's crying resonated softly.
Collapsed on the floor, leaning against a cold wall, partly scorched by Knightmare fire, it seemed that her life could end any instant. Having lost her immortal powers, the many bullet holes in her

arms, legs and stomach would not heal. Was it that living for hundreds of years had made her strong enough to cling to life, no matter how broken her body was? Or perhaps hope; though her

memories were lost as well, she still had hope. Hope and trust in the person that was sitting next to her, staring blankly at a certain point in space. But, what measure of sanity did that person

manage to hold?
She started shivering slightly. Fear slowly creeped up her spine. Though she wanted help badly, what could she possibly ask of that person? They were doomed either way. Even if he was the

same man as when everything began, he couldn't acheive a miracle. By now, the whole world knew about geass; as such he wouldn't stand a chance.
So this is how it would end, Lelouch thought.
The Black Knights had betrayed him. All of them turned on him with no mercy, with no restraint even after all he did for them.
Nunnally was dead. So were 10 million Elevens. Tokyo was now a radioactive crater, and the one who unknowingly caused such an atrocity, Suzaku, was assassinated by his own people.
CC was dying and he would soon follow. At most half an hour until someone would discover his hideout and he would be promptly executed.