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Is it normal to be obsessed with just a few different series for years, to the exclusion of the majority of all other anime and manga? Actually I'm obsessed with one series, and about half as obsessed with a second series, and after that all other series don't matter as much to me. I've been this way for 5 years. It's not that I don't get into any other series, but it's a very rare occurrence and not in the same way.
I don't think it matters what series I'm into in particular. But I mean at least for the past year, every single day I at least think about that series. I visit various fanart sites for it daily. I visit forums for it daily. I collect thousands of fanarts and I rewatch/reread it constantly. I own a few posters, figures, and other such junk but I'm cheap and haven't spent very much at all on it.
It is a continuing series, although very very slowly and I don't even get that excited if there's something new out. It doesn't interfere with my daily life in any way that I know of.
Is this weird? I mean in terms of anime fandom. I feel I'm the only fan like this for this particular series anyway. I'm not deluded enough to think it's better than all others ever, I just love it the most.