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Look at you anonymous, a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you fap to Japanese cartoons. What have you created besides the countless Code Geass threads on 4chan? With your epic gets and your epic lulz you spend your limited days. But in the end - what have you created anonymous? Nothing.
You live your empty existence, posting on 4chan until your mind is numb to the outside world, your heart is dull to excitement, and you soul is empty.
Ask yourselves, what is there for me to accomplish once Code Geass is gone? What will I look forward to every week, what will I discuss every week, what will I watch every week? Code Geass will not last forever.
And once it's gone, there will be no more anime like Code Geass to ridicule, to debate, to sage, to troll, to enjoy.

Would you kindly make yourself comfortable, anonymous. Stay a while and watch Code Geass - while you still have time.