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The truth is guys...

"Shirley is annoying." Everyone who says that is really a typical female internet user (That doesn't make them a girl on the internet though, real girls know their place and how to act.) who thinks that the main guy character is somehow there own love.

This is what they're saying

"Shirley is annoying. (Because she gets in the way of me being with Lulu one day, now that she's dead, Lulu is all mine. :D)

The truth has been revealed. I know this because I've experienced this first hand many times with many anime girls such as Misa Misa, Winry, and I suppose Nia as well.

(Though I guess I can somewhat understand why people find her annoying.)

That is all, sagefags, let your pleasures go wild, Shirley haters go ahead and spam and any femanon who thinks I've labeled women in the wrong way TITS OR GTFO.