WARNING: Avoid this movie at all costs

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If there are any Britfags browsing, Origin: Spirits of the Past has just been released in cinemas.

In case you, like me, ignore the reviews like the short-sighted retards that we are, do not see this film. Do not even CONSIDER seeing this film. I cannot emphasise strenuously enough how colossal a waste of time this movie is.

It looks incredibly pretty. This is intended to lull you into a false sense of security so that it may pulverise your brain with intense amounts of stupid.

The issue is not that it rips off at least 3 Miyazaki movies. Or even that it does so blatantly and painfully obviously. The issue is that it doesn't DO anything with these ideas. It takes a series of set-pieces and glues them together with such brain-deadening, intellectually-vacuous waffle that you can't even give them points for trying.

The characters are stereotypical points of reference, with slight motivation, inexplicably hax abilities and whose actions do not make the slightest narrative sense. The ending is anti-climactic and retarded, and half the dialogue is the characters shouting each others' names. Whatever charm they initially had is thoroughly drained by the end and it's impossible to care for them after a while.

Then there's the soundtrack. The opening song is haunting and sends chills up your spine, but the rest of it is bland and utterly forgettable. The animation and production design is gob-smackingly beautiful, but also rather uninspired and lacking ambition. It's the animation equivalent of a tech demo, showing what Studio Gonzo is capable of but never really DOING anything with this capacity.

tl;dr: very pretty shitsux