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As he stood on the black courtyard, looking up to the sky, Lelouch thought about the past, all those things he learned in the rebellion and the eventual overthrow of his father the emperor.

“Gazing into the stars again? What could they possibly tell you that you already don’t know, Lelouch Vi Britannia?” Said a cold, familiar voice behind him.

“The stars are wise C.C. they have much to tell, with so little time… they give me that illusion of permanence” He said without looking back. And C.C. walked to his side, playing with her hair and giving him a smug smile.

As Lelouch closed his eyes, a series of hurried footsteps brought him back to reality as a servant appeared on the entrance of the courtyard.

“Milord! An envoy demands to see you, he says he’s from the Australian Empire!”