Waifu Thread? Rage Thread? You decide.

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"On 4chan, people will declare certain anime females their "waifu" (wife). In this thread, assume you could marry any given anime female (i.e. if they're evil, they wouldn't kill you and that they'd actually say "I do"). Say who you'd marry and why. In true anime fashion, harems are allowed.

My "waifus:"

1. Yomiko Readman

#1 girl of all anime in my book. I'd enjoy just watching her read. She could also help protect the household with her Paper Master powers.

2. Integra Hellsing

With a strong personality, she'd make a great role model for the kids.

3. Mizuho (Onegai Teacher)

What better way to make sure the kids are homeschooled well than marrying a teacher? A hot, sexy, megane-ko teacher, no less.

4. Rei Ayanami

An experienced mecha pilot. Good for handling instances of the house being assaulted by giant monsters.

5. R. Dorothy

She'd be good at managing the household's IT.

6. Yuki Nagato

Also good at IT. And a good reading partner for Yomiko.

7. Shion (Xenosaga)

A scientist smart enough to build a robot? Definitely someone I would consider marrying. Only assuming she kept the glasses, though."