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Dear /a/ what's your favorite fan made Zanpakutou?
Name: Kagetsu (bright moon)

Release Command: Terasu Kagetsu (shine on, bright moon)

Kagetsu-Tachi (bright moon cut)
small white concentrated slices of energy fire from the blade similar to getsuga tenshou but smaller and considerably weaker. it compensates for the weakness of the attack by being capable of rapidly firing these blasts in rapid succesion.

Gesshoku (lunar eclipse)
gesshoku is a different type of attack that is really more of a different state than attack. Kagetsu turns completely black all over (just like the moon during an eclipse) by focusing energy into the sword. this roughly doubles it's attacks making it very powerful. however it only lasts for a few moments. like an actual eclipse fading, the sword slowly turns back to it's original color.

Yamiyo-tachi (dark night cut)
the same attack as kagetsu-tachi. it has just turned black instead of white and the power is doubled. this attack can be performed as long as part of the sword is still in gesshoku.