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Sasuke was walking through the village as the snow fell from above, blanketing the streets with fresh powder. The cold breeze made him shiver, as he wandered thee village, as he went on, he saw a light coming from the center of town, it was the village festival, and it always happened at the same time, Christmas Eve.

Yes. Sad but true, Sasuke was alone on Christmas Eve.

Sasuke decided just for the hell of it, to head to the festival, thinking that it would cheer him up.

As he came up on the festival, he noticed a pair of familiar faces walk by arm in arm. It was a certain blonde ninja, and beside him, leaning her head onto his shoulders was a pink haired kunoichi. ‘Well, about time’ Sasuke thought as he saw the two behaving the way a new couple should, Naruto and sakura had been completely lost with each other as they kept walking, not even noticing their old teammate.