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I just watched this finally (slowpoke.jpg) and I just had to say it was fucking awesome. I was really shitting bricks towards the end.

Incoming Spoilers:

Only thing I somewhat didn't like was the ambiguity of the ending. It didn't really explain in detail the aftermath of all the affects. Like what happened to Karasu, Atori, and La'cryma etc. Although I guess La'cryma is fine since they stated all the dimensions were stabilized again. But is Haruka still the Dragon Torque and able to use it? Did Karasu get sent back to La'cryma? Did Kosagi die while destroying the quantum computer? I thought at first Atori was dead but it seemed similar to what happened to Karasu at the beginning when he killed that Shangri'la ship and got thrown into another dimension. Don't really know. I suppose Shangri'la still technically exists as well, so are those bodiless people still trapped there?

Speculation and ranting aside, it was still awesome.