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Just watched this. Pure crap. How many bad cliches did they have to stuff into this one? Every single most generic played out romance plotline there is, done in the most uninteresting way possible. All of them. The coward idiot lacking in any kind of characterization that magically grows a spine to save everybody. The big bad evil guy with a weak spot in his heart. The good intentioned idiots that make everyone happy. Did Claire Stu really have to get 90’s PlayStation cheesy jRPG “I AM GOD” on us? Along with the lame LOL COINCIDENCES storyline that the staff was hoping we would think it is clever through the OUT OF ORDER gimmick(M. Night Shyamalan's dick probably got hard at those "twists").

It also fails to build up any dramatic tension over the course of the story or within any action sequences. Now, of course, Baccano's shtick is apparently to make light of tough scenarios with sarcastic quips and so forth, but the sarcasm falls completely flat in pretty much every case, and the one liners lack the badassery of an 80s or early 90s action flick. The action sequences are choreographed pretty poorly, with fast zoomed in camera movement and quick cuts obscuring most of it and killing any semblance of cohesion (typical for low-budget action).

I liked the first episode with Wakamoto and the character designs were good. That's about the strongest praise I can give it.