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Okay, nighttime /a/, show me what sets you apart from daytime /a/, since they were less than useless here.

HERE'S THE STORY: I know most people here aren't nuts about cons, but I'm going to Otakon and cosplaying Spy from Team Fortress 2 (inb4 /cgl/ is that way --->, because this isnt' about cosplaying or costume making). WHAT I NEED FROM YOU is a list of suggestions for masks to make. That's it. Just some names of characters that you think would be funny to see stabbing his cohorts in the back, because I'm totally going to be crashing group cosplay shoots with this. If possible, I could use some high-res mug shots.

Here's who I have so far (but still could use some pics for):
Motherfucking Gendo
Relena Peacecraft