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Yandere CD Part 2 translated.

Basically, this scenario is like a WHAT IF HELPING AEKA (YMK) LED TO BAD END?

Kashiwagi Sonoko, 157cm B92 W59 H88.
Voiced by Kawaragi Shiho (河原木志穂).

Good evening.
How are you?
I’m glad to see you doing well.
The moon is so pretty tonight.
This brings back memories, doesn’t it?
There was such a pretty moon on the day we first met as well.
That was definitely a fated encounter.
At that time I was bullied by the kids in the class,
and crying in the park.
Then you consoled me…
A complete stranger.
But I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look at your face.
When you went to buy something to drink,
I ran away.
I’m sorry for suddenly disappearing back then.
And six months after that…
The day the school year began
you saved me from the bullys in my class.
By just looking in your eyes I knew that you were the person from that time.
You didn’t seem to remember, though.
But that time I really believed that the thing we call fate exists.
I’m sorry for not thanking you that time.
I was so happy and happy…
I just didn’t know what I was supposed to say.