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Okay, /a/. This thread is the continuation of a previous thread I posted about NGE a few hours ago. I just finished End of Evangelion. I had a lot of questions during the movie, but when it got to the end, like the very end, where Rei merged with Lillith and was torn apart because Shinji realized that people should live, and ESPECIALLY when Shinji attempted to strangle Asuka (which I have no idea why he would since he kept asking her for help), all my questions were literally erased and replaced with "What the fuck, this anime is fucking fucked up".

First off, WHY did Shinji try to strangle Asuka in the end? And did anyone else think that Shinji was a complete fucking pussy bitch in the entire movie? I mean if he wasn't in fetal position the entire time at the dock in front of his EVA while Asuka was led on to believe she was kicking ass, then she wouldn't have had to get her shit picked at by those flying EVAs.

Secondly, what's going to happen now that the Human Instrumentation thing was destroyed? Is everyone supposed to respawn back with their own AT-Field?

And what the fuck, Misato led Shinji on to believe she was going to fuck him if they survived.

One more, is there any significance with the overly-done animations like the merged Rei/Lilith body tearing apart? Or was it just really freaky shit that the clinically depressed director happened to cook up by himself?

Serious WTF at this movie, /a/. What the fuck.