Evangelion confusion.

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OK, /a/, this is not a troll and neither is it copypasta of any sort.

I just finished the 26 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion (inb4 shitstorm of different Eva philosophies), and I am really, really confused and I have loads of questions. Correct me if I'm wrong if I make any incorrect assumptions about the story.

What got me was the last 2 episodes. So the evaluation of all the characters was basically everyone going into Human Instrumentality and everyone else looking at everyone else trying to solve their mental problems, right? Well, what happened at the end of ep 26 with Shinji? Why was he congratulated by everyone? Was it because everyone that was assessing his mind finally made him believe that life was worth living? Is that what Human Instrumentality does?

And also, this Human Instrumentality thing... it just sort of happened in the beginning of the 25th episode without any warning or if there was, I didn't catch it. What IS Human Instrumentality and what is its purpose anyway? I know it's to put everyones minds into one entity, but why?