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The onion alien didn't know the deal.

The bird alien was just being territorial and protective of eachother.

The Buddha aliens even asked Kato what the fuck did they ever do to deserve being hunted.

Chibi aliens hunted Kurono because he was a dick.

Dino aliens were...dinosaurs.

Onis were hunting Gantzers.

And the current mission shows that some aliens aren't even capable of defending themselves. Note that one of them was saying something about their land being returned to them.

If I had to guess, aliens of a similar planet who died were sent to earth. There they tried to live, hide, or do whatever they pleased if they could. Then they get hunted down by a team with guns (the Gantzers). If you ask me neither group is all that prepared due to recruits always changing and the aliens being unaware of why they are being hunted to begin with.

Gantz is a gladitor system set up by a host. They aren't fighting to save the world, they are fighting for sport. The reward is to get another chance to live. The Osaka team had the right idea when it came to this game. Im surprised the Tokyo team has lasted so long (and the only reason they did was Kei, Izumi and for a mission, Kato).

I can't wait for the 3rd phase where they all die and a new region's team is shown.